Music Production

I guide you from an idea to a finished product as an audio engineer, or producer. Arranging the instruments, song structure, and full-fledged orchestration as well as edit your vocals and coach you to create a lead vocal that is mind-boggling and amazing.  I’ll help you tune the notes that are hard to hit. I can perform backup vocals, play horn parts, piano, guitar and studio schedule any other instruments that you might need to bring to a larger studio.

Audio Engineering

I consider myself a one-stop shop, able to coach your playing or produce/edit your tune. If you simply have an idea but don’t have the gear, I can audio engineer your session. Whether you need Pro Tools, Logic, Mics, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, DJ Tables and Mixer, Headphones; I have it all. Just bring yourself and your vision. Or if you need your current session cleaned up just bring the files. If you need sense of where to start first just come on in and I can consult you on the best way to begin.

Arranging and Orchestration

You’ve got a great idea for a song, a couple of verses written and a catchy hook that you can’t wait to get down. Should it be a bare bones piano and vocals? Full-fledged music production with strings? Does it need a beat? Do you need to replace that famous song in your film you’ve been working on, but just can’t seem to find the right emotion? I can arrange your song, so everything flows together, and the sections make sense, as well as help you choose the instruments that capture the emotion of your song.


I do consider myself a one-stop shop. Other studios will be able to get a session recorded, but if you need production you are going to be at the expense of the studio and their connections. I will be able to record the piano, guitar, vocal, saxophone and other ideas you have, as well as beat program either with hand crafted sounds, or more natural sounds. We can craft any other samples, SFX, sound design, or instruments you are hearing that haven’t been created yet.

Audio Editing

When you’re in the groove with that perfect guitar part, creating the perfect vocal character you don’t want to stop the momentum to decide if this take might be better than the last one… or worry about perfecting the take that is only a hair off on one note. I can line up the take so no one knows the better, as well as comp from other takes to make the best take from the recording session.

All Ages, Levels, Styles and Genres

Vocal Coaching

Vocal performing and recording is a mental game. Most of the time it’s very rewarding… other times it can be very intimidating and frustrating. It’s all about being in the right frame of mind, well practiced, and being on the same page as your producer or band with what your recording/performing. I can coach you on proper breath control, how to create different characters, adding emotion, hitting that high note (or low note) and everything in between.


I’m able to perform for any private or public function, and can also help put a group together for your individual project. I can perform Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, and Clarinet as well act as bandleader when needed.

Studio Scheduling

I can help you schedule sessions based on who’s available when and what needs to get done first. Lastly, I can assist if you need help finding a studio that fits your budget for bigger recording.

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