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Seth Jeremy has been creating music since he has been twelve years old, and continually strives to grow both as a composer and a songwriter.  Seth brings the same goals to the table when producing.  He is skilled as a musician by being able to write and arrange as a composer while also being able to sing harmonies, play piano, horn parts, guitar, or programming, making the song or composition the best it can be.

While Seth Jeremy has many opinions on his approach to producing or creating songs, his co-workers and clients have said it best. In Darryl Swann’s words; “Seth Jeremy has such an eclectic music mind. His creative approach is raw and un-orthodox, yet refreshingly simplistic. Seth is a pure artist and has a incredibly-open, objective ear. He is open to all types of music, which gives him a deep gene-pool to draw from. I see SJ only growing as an artist as time goes on (Darryl Swann, Grammy producer).

Seth Jeremy is also available for one on one, or small group lessons on Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Music Theory. Available to all styles, ages and levels in your home or mine in Los Angeles, CA. Lessons are tailored to the individual styles and goals. Seth has been teaching for over sixteen years primarily working with children. He has worked with Grammy winning producers, touring musicians, helping them hone up on there music theory, and piano chops.

He graduated from the prestigious Lamont School Of Music with a Bachelor’s of Music in music composition. Although, in today’s music industry a certificate doesn’t mean you can create music or bring knowledge into creating various productions; it does give Seth the strength to hear music both as a fan, composer, producer and artist.

Seth Jeremy has written for various genres including; film, small orchestral groups, big bands, as well as for various local California, and Colorado acts. He has created, produced and co-produced everything from pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and experimental; as well as writing meditation music and recording voice over artists.

In the past year Seth Jeremy has had the honor of working with several local acts creating great hip-hop music for Hot Girl Sam, and up and coming comedian Maxwell Benoit. He has also been working on his project Rewind Stop Play which he co-produced with Darryl Swann (Macy Gray) and mixed by Orlando Rashid(Jaime Foxx).

When producing others Seth Jeremy is thoughtful of the personal connection, situation and puts in the time and details a project or song needs. He believes there is no one formula or solution for every song or project.

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